Patrick Hartman


Patrick (H)Artman

I was born in 1979 and from the age of 10 very interested in nature & people.

I studied at the horticultural school and soon after started my own landscaping company, designing gardens and applying Art was where my passion was. That is why I also started a Gallery and organized exhibitions in various places.

For my landscaping job, I spent several winters working on a large Roman irrigation restoration project at an old convent in Portugal. This is also where the passion for sculpture started in 2000. Working during the day and during the siesta in search of marble and sculpture.

A while later I came into contact with African Art promotion and I also organized various exhibitions with African sculpture.

In 2004 things changed and I sold everything, made a world trip over 4 continents and lost my heart on the African continent. In the artist village of Tengenenge I sculpted in Serpentine

After my return to the Netherlands, I started another landscaping company where, after a few years, people with intellectual disabilities and psychiatric problems came to do internships. I retrained and went into care.

In 2011, I started a creative day care and residential counseling agency with Kanz. I am grateful and very instructive that I made this switch then.

In those years I sculpted little, but I did collect a lot of wooden trunks, roots and trees.

In 2018 I made my first wooden rotating object for an art competition. Art inspired by nature with an extra dimension “Movement”. Here I immediately won the audience award and thought this is it. Since then I mostly make moving wooden sculptures.

During the creative process I am inspired by piano music by various composers.

This music is also played during my exhibitions and in the gallery. This makes the images even more alive.

All my art can be seen in my Gallery Ars Movens

Thx Patrick (H) Artman