Gallery Art-Man

Gallery Art-Man is a small art gallery located in Heelweg, The Netherlands.

We are representing different types of art from all different kind of artists.

Every 3 months the art in the exhibition will change. 

Current artists at Gallery Art-Man

Gena Wentink

It has been proven that creating and admiring art can help us relax, process, be inspired, remember and express emotions. With a view to these psychological effects, artist Gena Wentink has engaged in depicting emotions through moving images. She creates hand-drawn digital images that are displayed sequentially, creating an animation. She has created several digital artworks that are exhibited at Ars Movens.

Gena Wentink

(Digital) art & design


Monique en Teun Anders

Everything already exists. Nothing is new. Art MoeT, a creative duo, creates new meaning by (re)using and combining all their works. “Using digital techniques, we bring together everything we’ve ever made. We merge our works – paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photographs, etc. – endlessly, without any limitation of medium, format, shape and material. experience freedom to create new works of art”.

Monique & Teun



Current Exhibition

Gallery Art-Man

Gallery ArtMan is located at the Hiddinkdijk 21 Heelweg the Netherlands

We are open every Sunday from 12PM till 17H or on appointment. 

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Upcoming Exhibition

Micks art collectief

MicksArt Collective: Exhibitions, open studios, music, theater and workshops: experience Art on 1000 M2!

10/04 - 05/06